Does the Saints signing Ty Montgomery help/hurt Taysom Hill’s future?

Does the New Orleans Saints signing Ty Montgomery help or hurt Taysom Hill’s future with the team as a versatile running back, wide receiver?

Last week, New Orleans branched out and signed ex-New York Jet Ty Montgomery. Montgomery is best known for his versatility with the Green Bay Packers from 2015-2017 when he played with them.

For most of his career, Montgomery has been listed as a running back and a wide receiver. This is interesting to note, especially with him joining the team who also have Alvin Kamara, Latavius Murray, Michael Thomas, and Emmanuel Sanders.

Currently, on the New Orleans Saints, Taysom Hill plays that “versatile” role for the offense. Could Ty Montogmery be brought in replace Hill in the offense? Could he be brought in to move Hill to another specialty?

There are one of two ways this Ty Montgomery signing could be viewed as 1.) he is being brought in because the team wants a player like Hill but want to keep Hill healthy or 2.) the Saints are trying to prepare Hill for a more solidified quarterback role.

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Let’s look at option one first.

During the offseason, the New Orleans Saints put a first-round tender on Taysom Hill in hopes that another team would sign him and that they would get a first-round pick. However, that didn’t work.

No team ended up being interested in Hill so the Saints had to sign him back for over $4.5 million — most likely more than they wanted to. This one-year deal could be the end of the Saints and Hill’s relationship.

However, the team then re-signed him for two years, sweetening the pot for Hill.

For one instance, Ty Montgomery could be brought in to learn to be a Taysom Hill-like asset and prepare the team to still have a versatile player for the long-term future.

The second scenario is that the Saints brought Montgomery in to replace Hill as the Saints’ versatile player so that Hill could focus more on being the Saints quarterback of the future when Drew Brees’ inevitably retires.

In my opinion, they brought him in with the intention of either seeing Taysom Hill walk in free agency in a few years instead of giving him a solid guaranteed amount or to replace Hill this year with another well-rounded versatile player.

Either way, do you think this signing helped or hurt Taysom Hill’s future with the team?