“I think he is.” Former Saints’ All-Pro Michael Lewis chimes in on the GOAT conversation, gives his take on Drew Brees

Michael Lewis is in the New Orleans Saints Hall of Fame and currently serves as a team ambassador, playing for the Black and Gold from 2001-2006. 

Yesterday on the Michael Balko Show podcast, Michael Lewis was asked his thoughts on the Saints’ Pro Bowl return specialist and wide receiver Deonte Harris, one of the most promising young returners in the game.

“I think he’s going to be a great return guy. I think once he gets into the offense more it will help the organization as a whole,” Lewis said.

That’s very high praise from a great returner himself who still holds the NFL record for combined kick and punt return yardage of 2,432 total yards, a mark in which he set in 2002.

When asked if Harris could break his records, Lewis replied, “I would love for him to break my record. Records are made to be broken.” Lewis understands what kind of talent it would take to down that record, and he’s hoping to see that in Harris.

However, what’s a former Saints’ star on a Saints’ podcast doing without talking about the team’s greatest asset, Drew Brees? The two took a deep dive into Brees following the discussion about the second-year returner.

Balko and Lewis went on to talk about Drew Brees, and Lewis was asked if Brees is the greatest of all time.

“I think he is, it’s not about the records or anything like that, but just how he approaches the game. He comes in day in and day out, first one there and the last one to leave. He puts in the work,” Lewis said.

Brees is considered one of the best of all time. However, when it comes to actually being the best to ever throw the ball, he’s not given much consideration. Many toss NFC rival Aaron Rodgers ahead of him.

It’s all on what you value, as Brees has ended with the league’s best completion percentage for three straight seasons. His dominance has helped his age well and continue to lead one of the league’s best teams.

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That said, yes, Brees should be in consideration as the GOAT. And, yes, a former All-Pro returner would love to see his records broken, but it would take some miraculous performances to do so.

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