New Orleans Saints waive TE Mitchell Loewen after adding Ty Montgomery

The New Orleans Saints added some depth to their backfield with Ty Montgomery. At the same time, they cut tight end, Mitchell Loewen.

It was unlikely Loewen was ever going to make the Saints’ roster. After spending the bulk of his career as a defensive lineman, Loewen finished up last season as a tight end, potentially giving him a higher ceiling.

His defensive lineman days look all but over.

Loewen never gained much steam and has just four career games under his belt, all with the Saints. From two in 2017, one in 2018 and one in 2019, Loewen’s time with the team is officially over as he missed out on the 90-man roster due to the addition of Montgomery.

As a matter of fact, it’d be surprising for any non-household name to crack the Saints roster. We’ll have Josh Hill and Jared Cook returning from a season ago and then the addition of Adam Trautman will round out the unit.

It seems assumed that New Orleans brought in Trautman, from the University of Dayton, to limit Taysom Hill’s exposure as a tight end as they look to groom him for a much more important role, the future franchise quarterback.

The three-man unit could shift Payton’s interest back to playing a good amount of snaps with two tight ends. While that’s yet to be seen, regardless of the usage, there was going to be no need for Loewen even on the practice roster, a place he’d grown familiar with over the last few seasons.

The massive 6-foot-5, 285-pounder may find a place on another team’s practice squad as he would pose mismatch nightmares if he can prove he’s adequate at running routes. However, the addigin of Montgomery and subtracting of Loewen will be one viewed as a win from most fans.

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The Saints make scary good yet low-profile moves all the time, and this is just another example of Loomis’ excellence as a general manager.