5 New Orleans Saints that could be on the trading block in 2020

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(Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)

The New Orleans Saints have a win-now mentality, and with the new faces on the team, some of the older ones might become tradeable.

The New Orleans Saints had a wild offseason. From free agency to the NFL Draft, there were shocking moments and lackluster moments. All-in-all, Saints’ fans should be pretty happy with the outcome of the offseason.

However, there were a bunch of moves to the roster. Some of them were smaller and less significant, and some of them were waves that rippled throughout the roster. Either way, some old faces are gone and new ones have shown up.

With new faces coming to the team, it means that some players starting positions might be on the line. Some veterans are going to have to start putting in work for their position because a youngster is coming to take it.

It also means that some players have become expendable. Whatever the circumstances might be, there are a handful of New Orleans Saints on the roster that should be being looked at as potential trading tokens in the upcoming season.

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