Former New Orleans Saints WR Brandon Marshall says “Window is Closed”

Wide receiver Brandon Marshall never played a down with the New Orleans Saints, but was quite vocal about them this morning.

Earlier today on ESPN’s First Take, former New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandon Marshall appeared on the morning show with Stepehen A. Smith and Max Kellerman.

The segment the three were discussing was about what Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers were going to accomplish this year. Marshall believes the Bucs “will win the division”

After proclaiming this Smith and Kellerman both sighed as if to say they do not believe they are going to win it over the Saints. This prompted Marshall to go after Saints head coach Sean Payton, saying “he continues to hurt his team”. All this despite Payton winning 26 of his last 32 games.

Marshall also stated he couldn’t believe how a great defense would collapse in a playoff game, and losing two years in a row. Marshall wasn’t finished there. He also laughed at the help newly signed Emmanuel Sanders would bring to Drew Brees and the offense.

He claimed Sanders is “two plays away from sitting next to me”, referring to being unsigned and out of the league.

This seems rich coming from someone the Saints brought in for a month and decided he wasn’t game ready in 2018. Perhaps Marshall is still upset about not being good enough to beat out Austin Carr for a roster spot.

You can watch the full clip of the segment here:

That said, the Saints have arguably one of the best rosters in the NFC, and this upcoming season should prove that. After multiple NFC South titles, they are the favorites to once again reign supreme over the division.

But whether that will translate to late-season wins is another question. At the same time, it takes both a special team and luck to win the Super Bowl, the second of which the New Orleans Saints haven’t had much of.

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There’s no denying we disagree with Marshall. Do you?

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