New Orleans Saints: Sean Payton is the leader we need now

Amid the chaos and uncertainty going on in the world as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, New Orleans Saints head coach has provided some much-needed levity to the situation.

Most know of New Orleans Saints’ head coach Sean Payton as a fierce and fiery figure on the sidelines.

Whether it’s taking the time to chew out a ref over a blown call, flash a choke sign to an opposing player, or even mock a home team’s ritual during a playoff game, Payton brings a certain flare to the game.

Who knew the New Orleans Saints head honcho could bring that same charisma to social media, but in a funny way.

While certainly this pandemic is no laughing matter, as Payton himself can attest to after being diagnosed with the virus last month, sometimes a distraction from the everyday struggle can prove to be beneficial to the mental state of the masses.

Usually, sports would be the cure for such ailments as all of us got to relive with glee the Saints “Dome-Coming” game this past week.

Yes, that return game in 2006 proved as instrumental as anything in the recovery efforts of a city and region that was devastated just 13 months previously by hurricane Katrina.

Alas, we don’t have sports currently and maybe not for the foreseeable future. We do have these certain sports figures trying to fill the void in these tough times. Coach Payton has proved to be one of them.

Do you wonder what Coach Payton does during his downtime? How about give out plays on Twitter, with a funny twist as only he could.

Somewhere I’m sure opposing head coaches are jotting this down. Payton also gave his in-depth analysis of the famed return to the Superdome game played in 2006. Want to know how Payton was feeling during the game? He has that for you too.

I would contend his best posts came in response to the Atlanta Falcons unveiling their new uniforms for the upcoming season. Inevitably, any conversation from a Saints affiliate involving the Falcons will turn to the infamous 28-3 blown lead the Falcons surrendered in the Super Bowl.

Payton creatively took his jab.

These were just a few posts that stood out to me from Payton.

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A quick scroll of his Twitter would render countless more gems from the New Orleans Saints head coach. During these tough times of uncertainty, one thing can be certain and that’s Coach Payton is here to help on and off the field.

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