New Orleans Saints: Drew Brees could soon commentate Sunday Night Football

Not too long after confirming that he will return in 2020, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees appears to have landed a job with NBC after his playing days are over.

After reports stated that ESPN was one of the favorites to land Drew Brees into a broadcasting role, NBC seemed to have convinced the first-ballot Hall of Famer to join its sports network. With Tony Romo having recently received record-breaking contracts, hopes are that the New Orleans Saints star is just as good.

All that is set in stone right now is that Brees will suit up for at least one more season in the NFL, leaving his contract with a company like NBC rather flexible.

Brees could decide to play out both years of his contract in his efforts to attain another Super Bowl championship to enhance his legacy as one of the greatest signal-callers in NFL history.

Or, if the New Orleans Saints won Super Bowl LV, he could theoretically retire on the championship podium, similar to past Hall of Fame players like running back Jerome Bettis, linebacker Ray Lewis or quarterback Peyton Manning.

Riding into the sunset to the broadcasting booth seems to be Brees’ preferred route as he continues to chart out his post-playing career starting in his 40s last season.

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He could stay connected to the game that has given him his millions and not have to worry about any more hits on the field or losses in the record book.

With that move to NBC, Brees could be the heir to be the next commentator on Sunday Night Football with Al Michaels.

Currently, Al Michaels, 75, calls games with Cris Collingsworth, 61, a three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver with the Cincinnati Bengals from 1981-1988.

Sources say that Brees will be tutored to be the replacement for Collingsworth and join other former NFL quarterbacks who have been a part of the broadcasting world, like Troy Aikman, Terry Bradshaw, Tony Romo, and Ken Stabler.

ESPN has tried to get Romo and Brees, but failed twice, as other networks seem to be winning these bidding wars like CBS, FOX, and NBC.

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Whatever Brees decides to do, he’ll make it official after his career with the New Orleans Saints comes to a close and the next chapter in his football life begins.

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