New Orleans Saints: Ranking the 3 best third-round picks in the last decade

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Mickey Loomis

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

The New Orleans Saints are very good at finding diamonds in the rough of the later rounds of the NFL Draft. Management scored on these three third-round picks.

The New Orleans Saints surprisingly haven’t had as many third-round picks in the past decade as one would think, but when they have had them, they have seemingly scored every time, one big reason for their success.

The Saints’ third-round selections since 2010 have attended a combined twelve Pro Bowls and the majority of the picks have played notable time for the Saints. Like their top-three first-round selection, the Saints third-rounders have had tremendous success.

The Saints have seemingly built a reputation, due in large part to head coach Sean Payton and general manager Mickey Loomis, of being one of the few NFL teams who constantly find solid talent in the later rounds of drafts.

After all, just look at these three top-tier players drafted in not even the top-two rounds that have turned into highly successful players. The Saints have scored on several third-round picks recently, but here’s the top three over the past decade.

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