2020 NFL Mock Draft: Saints get their guy, Patrick Queen, in latest mock

The New Orleans Saints really have one glaring weakness left as they enter the talent-filled 2020 NFL Draft, and that’s at linebacker.

If I had to put my finger on one player the New Orleans Saints should target with the 24th pick in the 2020 NFL Draft, it’s LSU linebacker Patrick Queen.

The 6-foot-1, 227-pound linebacker was a monster during his third and final season at LSU, averaging over five tackles per game and almost one tackle for loss per game. He also notched three sacks and an interception.

A projected first-round pick, Queen has been slotted anywhere as high as the middle of the first round to all the way at the top of the second round. Without a second-round pick, it’d only make sense for the Saints to snag Queen if he’s still available at No. 24.

With mock draft galore right now, one NFL.com analyst, Charles Davis, predicted that the Saints would snag Queen, a quintessential pick, assuming players like Jordan Love are already off the draft board.

“I’m taking coach Sean Payton at his word that he views backup Taysom Hill as a potential starting QB in the NFL, so the Saints bypass a passer with this pick and opt to add more speed to their defense,” NFL.com’s Davis wrote. Queen was the second linebacker taken in Davis’ draft, behind No. 4 overall pick Isaiah Simmons.

Having recently secured their secondary and defensive line, the team could look for more weapons offensively. However, returning the entire offensive line, the Saints added Emmanuel Sanders which should be enough of an upgrade at wide receiver to void that need for a year or two.

With Alvin Kamara, Drew Brees and Latavius Murray still in the backfield, running back and quarterback are the least of the team’s problems. Jared Cook and Taysom Hill will be the tight ends, another non-issue for the Saints.

Their offense should be elite once again.

That leaves more cornerback depth or an elite linebacker as the crux of New Orleans’ wishlist. Currently with Alex Anzalone, Demario Davis, and Kiko Alonso leading the charge, the team lost AJ Klein this past offseason to Buffalo.

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With Anzalone returning from injury this season, the Saints should have solid depth already, but with several hitting the market next season, they should get ahead on the jump and secure a versatile and hard-hitting budding star like Queen.

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