3 free agent deals that make New Orleans Saints SB favorites

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(Photo by Michael Zagaris/San Francisco 49ers/Getty Images)

The New Orleans Saints finally made a splash in free agency, does signing these three free agents make them Super Bowl favorites?

After days of wishing that the New Orleans Saints would make some moves in free agency, they finally did it. Players were flooding off the market and fans starting to get worried that the Saints wouldn’t make any moves.

However, the day has come where the complete picture of what the front office has been trying to accomplish has rained down to the fans. After question upon question about how problems are going to be fixed, the Saints answered.

The biggest problem was the wide receiving core. Michael Thomas couldn’t do it all, he needed help. The second problem was in the secondary. Bell was a talented safety, but he was going to cost a lot of money that the Saints didn’t have.

The last problem was the offensive line. Fans almost surely saw Peat leaving and a hole that needed to be filled. The New Orleans Saints answered all those questions and some with their signings that they made over the last couple of days.

These signings inevitably made the New Orleans Saints high favorites to win the NFC and even the Super Bowl next year. Here are the top three signings that made it possible for the Saints to be favored that high.

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