New Orleans Saints: Is an Odell Beckham Jr. addition even feasible?

Is Odell Beckham Jr. an option for the New Orleans Saints?

It’s a pairing straight out of Madden’s Franchise Mode. Slapping the one and only Odell Beckham Jr. on the other side of Michael Thomas would cement the New Orleans Saints’ receiving core as the best in the league, giving Drew Brees a speedy deep threat.

Yes, landing OBJ would require an entire collection of dominoes to fall. But, the scenario isn’t impossible.

First, we’d have to assume the Browns would even be willing to part with the 27-year-old.

After giving up a 1st, 3rd, and Jabrill Peppers, not even the Browns front office would want to waste such high talent for such high cost.

And despite all the hullabaloo surrounding OBJ and an alleged slump this season, his stats, though his lowest in years (74 receptions, 1,035 yards, 4 touchdowns) were still comparable to his last few years in New York.

The 27-year old would clear have enough to electrify an already dynamic Saints’ offense.

Although he’s only been in Cleveland for one season, OBJ’s departure has been widely speculated on since it became clear the Browns were heading towards another season of gloom.

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It was Jay Glazer who first reported, back in December, that Beckham was telling opposing players he wanted out of Cleveland. More recently, speculation has been pointing towards the Jets as a strong contender to make a play for the star receiver.

If Odell Beckham is okay with playing for both the Browns and the Jets, one would have to imagine that the Louisiana native would have little opposition to playing with Drew Brees.

The money to fit Beckham is there but barely. With just over $12 million in cap space and obvious room to improve that, OBJ would likely be the Saints only major offseason addition, barring some mystical Mickey Loomis maneuvering.

The scenario is tight, but it works with some elbow grease. The only roadblock left is Beckham’s character; one under-appreciated contributor the Saints’ success in the last decade is rosters of selfless players who don’t make much noise off the field.

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The Saints have to ask themselves if OBJ’s record of on-the-field tantrums and off-the-field tom-foolery is worth an unstoppable offense.