New Orleans Saints: NFLPA may shut down new proposed CBA

In a recent league owners’ meeting, they have agreed to the parameters of a new collective bargaining agreement. How will this impact the New Orleans Saints?

Reports say the vote wasn’t unanimous, but only a three-fourths vote was necessary to move the legislation to the players. This will have a huge effect on the New Orleans Saints and their plans well into the future.

Speculation is that the new potential CBA will not pass with the players.

Dan Graziano of ESPN said the NFL Players Association will have a conference call with each of its 32 team representatives that could result in a vote of the new CBA.

This new deal would involve several modifications to areas like the setup of the NFL season, player revenue and postseason system.

Adam Schefter of ESPN said under this new CBA, players’ share of revenue would increase from 47 percent to 48.5 percent, a 17-game regular season would occur and seven teams from each conference would make the playoffs.

How a new playoff setup would work is there would be six postseason games in the Wild Card Round instead of four matchups the NFL has done since 1990.

With seven teams from each conference in the playoffs, the No. 1 seed would claim the only bye and home-field advantage, placing much more emphasis and bonus money into winning the top seed.

With an increase in player share in league revenue to 48.5 percent, the CBA would allow for a much larger salary cap.

Mike Garafolo of NFL Network said the players would earn an additional $5 billion instead of $3 billion over the next decade with a 17-game schedule.

With the 17-game regular season, teams would have nine home games one season and then eight the next season, so it would flip-flop for every team each year.

With an additional regular-season game, there would only be three preseason games instead of four.

This new CBA would also take some power away from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, as he would no longer be the judge, jury, and executioner in player discipline.

A neutral arbitrator will hear cases of off-the-field issues and declare potential punishments or acquittals, and Goodell would hear the appeals.

After a discussion of this new CBA, a two-thirds vote from the NFLPA would pass these new rules.

Then the players would vote on these new laws and would need a simple majority.

From what players have said on social media, the 17-game regular season seems to put them at odds with the league.

As exciting as new innovations like a potential increasing salary cap to help contenders keep their team together and an expanded playoff system can be, the players will look to shut this new CBA down.

The players would more than likely vote to approve it if it involved a larger increase in player revenue share to perhaps 50 percent, decreasing to a shorter preseason schedule, sticking with the current 16-game schedule and accommodating for more post-career health benefits.

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Who knows if the new CBA would fix the Pro Bowl, but one can dream, huh?