New Orleans Saints: Alvin Kamara is easily a potential holdout candidate

New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamara will be in a contract year in 2020 and could easily look to holdout if he isn’t granted an extension once free agency starts.

While Alvin Kamara has yet to talk on the matter, the situation is right for him to holdout if he doesn’t get a contract extension. The New Orleans Saints’ third-year running back has been to the Pro Bowl all three of his professional seasons.

Kamara had a down year in 2019, potentially hurting his sky-high stock which he came into the season with.

While he was still dominant enough to be nominated to the Pro Bowl, Kamara, by his standard, had a down year. He notched just six total touchdowns, a third of what he did the season before and even under half of what he did his rookie season.

There’s no denying that Kamara has become a fan favorite, and there’s also no denying that the Saints will make every move to keep him in the Big Easy.

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But, after the season he put together in 2019, it doesn’t seem fit to give him a Todd Gurley-like contract that the Saints may eventually regret. The team may look to just re-sign him when his rookie contract comes to an end next offseason.

While Kamara is a key part of the Saints’ dynamic offense, the team thrived in the time he missed.

It wasn’t just the team that took their level to a new level; backup running back Latavius Murray also put on a show in the games he started, notching over 100 yards in both the games in which he was given over 20 carries.

Murray is under contract, making less than $4 million per year, until the 2023 offseason. That said, the team having a consistent backup will help void any potential holdout from Kamara.

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The poor play mixed with Murray’s production could drive Kamara to not even consider a holdout, but that’s still relatively unknown with the conditions perfect for one.

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