New Orleans Saints: Top 3 Saints’ veterans leaders

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Leadership is key on a football team and the New Orleans Saints are not shy of veteran leadership on and off of the football field.

The New Orleans Saints pride themselves on being one of the best teams in the NFC year in and year out. You do not achieve a status like that without some key leaders on both sides of the ball on and off of the field.

Typically you get that lead out of veteran players.

However, there are times when younger guys step up to take the lead and do it with pride. For example, only in his fourth-year, wide receiver Michael Thomas was a big leader on the offense this year.

This just goes to show that age doesn’t always equal leadership capability, but age does give you more insight into the game and the mind of a professional football player. Veteran leaders are key to the success of the team.

I full-heartedly believe that a huge part of the New Orleans Saints’ success is the veteran leaders they have pushing this team to be better than they are. These guys are the backbone of the team and will continue to see the team succeed.

Here are the top three veteran leaders on the New Orleans Saints.

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Quarterback, Drew Brees

Okay, let’s start out with the obvious. Drew Brees has been the starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints since his acquisition in 2006. He has been the most consistent part of the offense for over a decade and a half.

Because of that, he has seen a lot of other offensive players come and go. He has continued to mentor and influence other players as well. He is a big reason for the success of now superstars Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara.

He has groomed Taysom Hill into the Swiss Army knife that he is. He also took in an injured and discouraged Teddy Bridgewater as a backup, and now Bridgewater is preparing to sign a huge contract in free agency to most likely be a starting quarterback.

On top of all that, Brees has continued to set offensive records for the Saints’ organization and the NFL as a whole. He has broken his own records and some other players, and he helped Michael Thomas break Marvin Harrison‘s record this year.

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