Super Bowl LIV: 3 reasons the New Orleans Saints would’ve beat the Chiefs

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Could the New Orleans Saints have avenged their last few shortcomings in Super Bowl LIV had they trumped the Minnesota Vikings?

It could be considered a bit petty to tell a celebrating Chiefs fanbase “Yeah, but…”, but after three seasons in a row ending in heartbreak, most New Orleans Saints fans are spending their time imagining how things could have been so much different had one or two things just gone the opposite way.

So, since we have now officially entered the most long and gruesome portion of the offseason, let’s have some fun and imagine that the Saints trounced the Vikings, in our alternate universe, by three-plus touchdowns.

They went on to play the 49ers in the divisional round, where they avenged their late-season heartbreaker and sent the inexperienced Jimmy G back to get his eyebrows waxed (or whatever he does).

Against the Packers in the NFC championship, the Saints’ defensive line gave Aaron Rodgers reason to start praying, and before we knew it, Saints’ fans, our boys had punched their ticket back to Miami to teach Patrick Mahomes a thing or two about footballin’.

So now the big question: would the New Orleans Saints have beaten the Kansas City Chiefs in a Super Bowl matchup? Here are three deciding factors that say they would have.

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