Cam Jordan answers how 49ers beat New Orleans Saints

Earlier in the NFL regular season, the San Francisco 49ers beat the New Orleans Saints 48-46; Cameron Jordan weighed in on how that happened.

When the New Orleans Saints hosted the San Francisco 49ers earlier this season. It was going to be a heated matchup between the NFC’s top two teams. We knew it would be a good game, but 94 combined points were ridiculous.

In that game, Jimmy Garoppolo threw for 349 yards and four touchdowns with only one interception. Drew Brees threw for exactly the same 349 yards and five touchdowns with zero interceptions.

The plethora of running backs the Niners had totaled up to 162 yards rushing while Latavius Murray and company ran for 116 yards on the ground. Now, 162 yards from the Niners might seem like a lot until you realized that was below par for their running game.

A 49ers team that pride themselves on how well they can run the ball and ride any running back hot hand that they have, had a leading rusher of just 69 yards. One would turn to the New Orleans Saints defense and say they played a good game.

Or did the 49ers change their scheme?

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New Orleans Saints defensive end, Cameron Jordan, was in Miami for the Super Bowl on Sunday. While in an interview, Jordan was asked on the radio, “I want to ask about Garoppolo because Garoppolo had one of his best performances against (the Saints).”

Cam Jordan had this to say via Kaetlyn Umholtz of on how the San Francisco 49ers pulled off that win.

See, I don’t know. I know we were going to that game and finished top 5 in run defense. Going into that game, we were like 1 or 2, so we were like “Hey, you know exactly what they want to do.” They have their running back by committee like Seattle does. You sit there like, “Hey, they want to pound this game out and making it a run game. That’s exactly what we’re great at. Bring that challenge on.” Then in the first quarter, they run twice. At the end of the halftime, they have all of 20 yards on the ground. You look up, and they have 100-something in the air. So you have to adjust accordingly, and I feel like they changed their DNA to beat us. And that’s what we sort of get. We get everyone’s best game. We got Kirk Cousins’ best game. We got Jimmy G.’s best game, and we end up knowing that for anybody to try and beat us, they have to be 100 percent of their best, and we can’t be anything less.

Looking over the course of the season, Jordan is right. The New Orleans Saints seem to get the best game of everyone they play. Mediocre quarterbacks like Garoppolo or Cousins come in and play like they are Hall-of-Fame quarterbacks.

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The New Orleans Saints were on their very best for most of the season, but it came down to one game that they played less than 100% and got beat. That is how the NFL is, if you aren’t on your best game, you will be going home.

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