New Orleans Saints: Sean Payton says Taysom Hill could “absolutely” be a starter

The New Orleans Saints do not have a quarterback under contract for the 2020 season. And, to be honest, it’s anyone’s guess what the next few months hold.

Will Drew Brees return? Will Teddy Bridgewater sign elsewhere? Will Taysom Hill step into the true spotlight? These are all questions the New Orleans Saints will have to answer in the near future with March 18 listed as the official start of the 2020 free agency period.

The ultimate decision will, in part, be impacted by whatever head coach Sean Payton feels is best for the team. Payton recently joined Fox Sports Radio’s “Outkick The Coverage” prior to Super Bowl LIV.

He talked about Taysom Hill and his potential as a starter in this league. Let’s just say Payton is foreseeing a quality future for the third-year returner/quarterback/receiver/tight end. However, Payton feels the future is bright as a starting quarterback and soon too.

“Absolutely. Absolutely. Sooner than later. He’s gonna be a starting quarterback in our league,” Payton said.

Hill was an absolute joy to watch in 2019.

He seemingly did everything asked of him, and it was something to marvel at. His physical prowess made every play a must-watch. However, as a starting quarterback, Hill’s potential raises some questions.

Many are comparing Hill to the recently-crowned NFL MVP, Lamar Jackson. Jackson did his awing numbers by having that agility mixed with an aptitude in the pocket. Hill has the physical traits to replicate that, but actually matching his production is virtually impossible.

Hill, 6-foot-2 and 221 pounds, is a restricted free agent. That said, the Saints will likely look to pair him as the No. 2 quarterback again, but they’ll have to pay him an amount they may not be comfortable with.

Hill will likely return, but at what cost to the franchise? That’s the question that’ll decide his fate in the league.