New Orleans Saints: Could Philip Rivers be a viable QB option?

The New Orleans Saints are in a quarterback conundrum. Could the ex-Charger Philip Rivers be the unforeseen answer to those questions?

After playing for sixteen seasons with the San Diego, now Los Angeles, Chargers, could Philip Rivers be in for a twist late in his career? The New Orleans Saints are looking for a quarterback, and Rivers could be looking for a chance to win late in his career.

With Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, and Taysom Hill all free agents this year. The New Orleans Saints have zero quarterbacks under contract going into next year. Philip Rivers could be looking at the lowest contract he’s taken yet at a chance to win.

The former Chargers’ quarterback has gone sixteen seasons of his career without making it to a Super Bowl. He wants the chance to win and what better way to get that chance than to sign with a team with a winning culture.

Rivers might even have to take a backseat role to a younger starting quarterback or Drew Brees, but he does bring another set of veteran eyes and experience that could prove to be beneficial to the Saints’ offensive gameplan.

Rivers reported moved “permanently” out of San Diego to Florida to be closer to his family. New Orleans is not that far away from Florida and Brees could end up finding a home with the black and gold next season.

Last year alone, he still topped 4,500 passing yards and 23 touchdowns. He does not sound like a guy who is washed up for being in his sixteenth season. He could come in and play a two-quarterback veteran role with Drew Brees.

The New Orleans Saints need to be looking at options cheaper than what Teddy Bridgewater will cost going into next season. Rivers could be the perfect way to get the talent for half the cost. Payton could utilize the likes of Brees and Rivers into the offense and retain Taysom Hill.