New Orleans culture is an athlete’s dream

New Orleans Saints (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)
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The Food

You can’t talk about life in New Orleans without talking about food. The city’s cuisine seems to be as infamous as the town itself. Homemade cooking, never-before-seen recipes and classic dishes like gumbo and po-boys are synonymous with life in NOLA.

Saints’ own pro-bowl defensive end Cam Jordan is familiar with the food of the city. He’s even released a list of his favorite spots around town for certain cravings.

Want to try some of the town’s infamous gumbo? Your options are absolutely endless because it is a staple of the food culture in New Orleans.

While some of the best gumbo is homemade, some of the most appraised traditional gumbo locations include Commander’s Palace, Pascal’s Manale, and even the touristy Gumbo Shop in the French Quarter have gumbos that are tremendous.

You can’t be a native of New Orleans without sharing in their most popular dish.

Got a bit of a sweet tooth?

How about getting a taste for the town’s unique take on desserts. According to Jordan, Hansen’s Sno-Bliz has an “elite snow cone” called snoballs. Snoballs are more unique than simply crushed ice, though.

The machine that shaves the ice for them is actually manufactured in New Orleans. With a snoball, the ice is shaved so it picks up and holds more flavor than a snow cone would. The two have plenty of similarities, but the snoball is distinctly New Orleans.

The line at Hansen’s in the summer is always a huge wait, but it’s more than worth it.

Maybe you want to try something new that you can’t find anywhere else. Take some advice from Drew Brees and visit Ye Olde College Inn. Brees recommends the chicken fried steak po-boy.

New Orleans may be a growing center for sports attention but it has always been famous for food. There is an endless amount of restaurants and hidden gems that can quench anyone’s needs. As long as these athletes live in New Orleans, it’s a guarantee that they’ll eat well.