New Orleans Saints: Individually grading the team’s dominant offensive line

Ryan Ramczyk #71 of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Ryan Ramczyk #71 of the New Orleans Saints (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /
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Alvin Kamara, New Orleans Saints
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The 2019 New Orleans Saints offensive line was one of the best in the NFL, but in its final playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings, they had major issues stopping the rush.

Today’s grading release of the 2019 New Orleans Saints offensive line will be the start of a positional grade for the entire 2019 team. The current positions on the offensive line include: tackles, guards, and centers. Long snappers will not be included in this list.

The grading system being used is (F-A+), ranking from “Why did they even play a single down?” to “How would we have even won a game without them?”.

These grades are completely independent of any other review, but Pro Football Focus (PFF) gives users one of the best tools for analytics, and that’s the site we chose to help focus on specific statistics to grade the players’ performances.

It’s of many fans’ opinion that the offensive line shined this season, but when asked about the final playoff game, they might tell you the results did not live up to its precedence. Many fans were wondering why the line fell apart during the most crucial part of their impressive season.

However, the offensive line ranked 1st overall in run blocking and 3rd overall in pass protection. The Saints offensive line gave up only 25 sacks in 2019, compared to all three NFC South rivals giving up more than 40 each during the regular season.

The grades given to each player is not only based on their performance during the 2019 regular season, but also the playoff game against the Minnesota Vikings.

Did our final grades for line drastically drop after a sub-par performance, or had they done enough during the regular season to cement a great overall performance?

Here are the New Orleans Saints offensive lineman, their 2019 season statistics, grades, and 2020 status for the team: