New Orleans Saints: 3 sign and trade deals for Joe Burrow

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Joe Burrow has the opportunity to win the College Football National Championship and impact an NFL team. Could the New Orleans Saints sign and trade for the superstar from LSU?

There is no denying that the New Orleans Saints are in a quarterback dilemma. With none of their rostered quarterbacks set to return, the Saints are exploring all of their given options before making a decision on who to pay.

Drew Brees is over 40-years old. Teddy Bridgewater will cost too much coming off that impressive 5-0 stretch of games, and Taysom Hill might be too much of a wild card to stick behind center every play.

There is no denying that LSU’s star quarterback Joe Burrow is a once in a decade kind of quarterback. Therefore, he is a highly coveted asset that will likely go No. 1 overall in the 2020 NFL Draft this coming offseason.

In the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl, Burrow threw for 493 yards and 7 touchdowns; he also added 21 rushing yards and a touchdown on his feet. During that test, Burrow broke about a dozen FBS records and beat the Sooners 63-28.

A quarterback like this could immediately step into the NFL and make an impact. As the New Orleans Saints are making decisions, is Burrow worth the possible risk and cost it would take to trade up to the No.1  overall draft pick to steal him?

Here are three sign and trade deals that the New Orleans Saints could consider for Joe Burrow. Let’s just say these would be virtually impossible to actually pull of but should provide a good gauge for Burrow’s value.

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