New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees and LSU’s Joe Burrow meet prior to CFP Championship

New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees and LSU’s Joe Burrow met on the final day of practice before the biggest game to date in Burrow’s career.

The New Orleans Saints’ season ended early and abruptly in the NFC Wild Card with a loss to the Minnesota Vikings. Because of that, the Saints have had some free time to begin their offseason and spend some time with their families.

Except for Drew Brees.

The love that Drew Brees has for his city extends beyond the boundaries of the New Orleans Saints. Therefore, he made it a point to make an appearance at the last practice that Louisiana State University had before their game.

LSU beat the No. 4 ranked Oklahoma Sooners in dramatic fashion a couple of weeks ago. Joe Burrow led the Tigers by accumulating almost a dozen broken FBS records in that game. Now, the team from Louisiana is looking for a National Championship.

Drew Brees and LSU star quarterback Joey Burrow spent a lot of time together during their last practice before the big game. If anyone knows how to perform in big games, it’s Drew Brees. The wisdom, knowledge, and insight that Drew offers are priceless.

This is what Brees had to say to Burrow (via Amie Just from the Advocate).

“Hey, Joe. What’s up, man? Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints. I just want to tell you congratulations on winning the Heisman,” Brees said. “So well-deserved. Such a phenomenal season. It was so much fun to watch. So congrats, man, you deserve it and enjoy it.

“But I know there’s still work to be done. You guys have a great opportunity ahead of you. Stay focused. Keep your mind right. Keep your team together. Man, I know you deserve it, your team deserves it, Tiger Nation deserves it, South Louisiana deserves it, man. Take it one at a time. Let’s go get it done. See ya, man.”

The two have a knack for each other and for the state of Louisiana which they both represent. Even Drew Brees’s sons were wearing Joe Burrow jerseys at the visit Brees made. This is a bright and shining light possible to a city whose team is out of the playoffs.

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Also, for Burrow, it may be the start of what could be history repeating itself. If Burrow goes No. 1 overall to the Bengals and somehow finds his way to Louisiana, it’d be the second time he transitioned from the one start to the nice and warm Louisiana.

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