New Orleans Saints: 3 wide receivers to target in free agency

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(Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

The New Orleans Saints need a No. 2 wide receiver to be a counterpart alongside superstar Michael Thomas.

Out of the 404 passing completions that New Orleans Saints star quarterback Drew Brees and Teddy Bridgewater threw last year, Michael Thomas caught 149 of them. That is almost 40% of all passes for the Saints were caught by Thomas.

Also out of those 404, the other two wide receivers, Ted Ginn and Tre’Quan Smith caught only 48 of them combined. If this doesn’t show you the problems the New Orleans Saints are having at the wide receiver position, nothing will.

Because of those concerns, we thought that they would sign Josh Gordon after he came on free agency — they dodged a bullet there. After that, rumors arose of them being interested in former Cowboys star Dez Bryant.

Then the idea circled around after bringing him in for a workout that they were going to sign Antonio Brown. All those options passed and the Saints didn’t make a move. You can only think that they hoped they could turn around in free agency and sign a better wide receiver.

Here are the top three wide receivers that will be on the market in the 2020 offseason that could bolster the Saints passing game.

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