Ranking the top 5 players the New Orleans Saints should pay

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Teddy Bridgewater/Taysom Hill

Both of these players go hand-in-hand considering their future role going forward with the quarterback spot behind Brees.

Although there is some speculation that Brees may have just completed his final season with the team, this is purely just speculation. If Brees were to return, then it’s possible that both players may not return to New Orleans along with him.

Bridgewater made his case for a big payday clear to the league by stepping up and winning each of the five games that Brees missed with his thumb injury this season.

If the Saints don’t offer him the money, Bridgewater has opened the door for himself to walk into a starting job elsewhere. Bridgewater is already the highest-paid backup quarterback in the league, so the Saints recognize his talent and his ability to function in the right system.

If the team decides to proceed with him as their future quarterback then he is in line for another payday.

Hill is an interesting case. As an athlete, Hill had one of his best years with only one less receiving touchdowns than Deandre Hopkins. He has become more and more interesting as a tool in Sean Payton’s system.

The possibility of him becoming the franchise quarterback for the Saints is still unsure because of Brees’ unknown retirement date and Bridgewater’s showcase of his abilities this season.

Regardless, Hill has found a great fit in New Orleans’ system and if the Saints want to retain their swiss army knife of a player then it’s time to cough up the dough.