Ranking the top 5 players the New Orleans Saints should pay

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Vonn Bell

In a contract year, Von Bell had what was arguably the best year of his career. He came into the season saying that his best ball was in front of him and he was right

This season Bell had career highs in fumble recoveries, passes defended, and the first interception of his career. Not to mention a consistent production of solo tackles, tackles for loss and forced fumbles.

Bell has made himself a force on the defensive side of the ball with some quick instincts to create turnovers for the defense. Without him, the Saints’ defense would have been out of position in many turnover opportunities.

Bell has made himself indispensable and worth another contract for those abilities alone.

This past year, Bell made just $991,677 for his base salary.

There is no doubt that the Saints will want to lock him up as a cornerstone of the defensive unit and pay him a bigger cut of the salary cap this coming offseason. If Bell weren’t to make over $1 million or more per year then he would be cut short of the money that he deserves this offseason.