Ranking the top 5 players the New Orleans Saints should pay

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Alvin Kamara

It should come as no surprise that Kamara is topping this list. Although the Saints don’t necessarily have to pay up until 2021, they are known to get an advance of signing players they care about retaining.

Currently, Kamara is ending the third year of his rookie contract.

Other players from his class took their fifth-year option like Ryan Ramczyk and Marshon Lattimore (who will be paid in 2022), but Kamara is demanding a payment sooner rather than later.

Kamara is in line for a big paycheck because of the work of Ezekiel Elliott to attain a huge payday with the Dallas Cowboys. Although he had a dip in production this season due to his injury, Kamara is still a top-tier talent at running back in his truest form.

Although that lack of production may hurt his overall salary, he is still worth the payment. Kamara has been an obvious second-option for the Saints’ offense since he was drafted and with no consistent option behind Thomas, the Saints need Kamara.

The down year might depress his value a tiny bit, but a comparable deal for the one he might sign is the one Todd Gurley signed not too long ago. Some rough estimates have estimated around $60 million for four years, not a horrible price to pay for Kamara’s talents.