Ranking the top 5 players the New Orleans Saints should pay

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With the 2019 season officially ended for the New Orleans Saints, it’s time to start taking some early looks into the 2020 offseason.

This offseason will be an interesting one for the New Orleans Saints as they attempt to maintain some of their talented core and patch up still what have been holes on the team for multiple seasons now.

The analysts at Over The Cap project the Saints to be on the hook for a little over $180.4 million in salary cap commitments, including all of the dead money promised to players like Teddy Bridgewater.

Depending on where the NFL and NFLPA agree to set next year’s salary cap, the Saints would go into the offseason with between $16.4 and $20.8 million to spend.

This isn’t a huge sum of money to go chasing after major free agents on the market, but this is normal for a smaller market team like New Orleans.

The lack of tons of money is why drafting and maintaining a strong core is vital for the team’s success. The Saints locked up one of their major talents in Michael Thomas by giving him a huge contract last offseason.

So which players are the most important for the Saints to pay this offseason?