New Orleans Saints: What you need to know about Week 14

San Francisco 49ers. New Orleans Saints. NFC Regular Season Champ on the line. Here is what you need to know prior to game time.

The game New Orleans Saints fans have been waiting for this year. Week 14 is finally here.

The matchup set to decide the leader in the NFC race to the No. 1 spot. The San Francisco 49ers are making their way to the dome where they will meet our New Orleans Saints and a fan base that has been rumored to be one of the best in the NFL.

Apparently, Mostert didn’t get the memo.

This game will prove to be an all-out war zone on the football field as these two teams know what is at stake for wins and losses as a result.

The 49ers are 10-2, which is good enough for second in their division behind the Seattle Seahawks who are also 10-2. The New Orleans Saints are also 10-2 and have already clinched the NFC South and are sitting atop the entire NFC right now.

Saints Fantasy Impact

According to Yahoo!, the Saints’ Drew Brees is projected to have 24 points. That is a safe bet — 200+ yards and a couple of touchdowns. Alvin Kamara is projected 20 points. That one might be a little high, the 49ers have the best front seven in the NFL. Michael Thomas is projected 21.

Also, a safe bet. Thomas will most likely catch a surplus of eight receptions for near 100 yards and a touchdown.

Injury Report ( as of Friday)

Andrus Peat (NO) – DNP

Kiko Alonso (NO) – DNP

A.J. Klein (NO) – DNP

Zach Line (NO) – LP

Terron Armstead (NO)- LP

Will Clapp (NO) – LP

Dante Pettis – DNP

Dee Ford – DNP

George Kittle – LP

Richard Sherman – LP

What’s Next?

vs. Indianapolis Colts, Monday 12/16

at Tennessee Titans, Sunday 12/22

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at Carolina Panthers, Sunday 12/19

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