New Orleans Saints have no real need for Dez Bryant, but why not give him a chance?

The New Orleans Saints have no real need for Dez Bryant this season, but why wouldn’t they at least give him a chance to prove himself?

Adding Dez Bryant for the rest of the season is a low-risk opportunity for the New Orleans Saints. After all, they did plan to add him the remainder of the season around this time last week, and they had similar weapons on that roster.

Outside of Jared Cook, there wasn’t much difference in the options that Drew Brees had then versus his options now. Yet, the difference in Dez may be important because a torn Achilles can truly limit the versatility of a player.

However, it wouldn’t cost the Saints much to, at the very least, host him for a workout. Bryant has been getting back into shape after starting all 16 games in 2017 and having torn his Achilles after signing midseason with the Saints last year.

With Tre’Quan Smith expected back in Week 10, we don’t know how his ankles will hold up. Will he be sidelined when it matters in the playoffs? With Keith Kirkwood also not available, the Saints are one probable injury away from being thin out wide again.

Bryant won’t come in and be a Pro-Bowl caliber option. That’s obvious. He knows that. But, he can contribute, and as he’s planning to start reaching out to teams in the next few weeks, he’ll undoubtedly call up the Sean Payton-led Saints.

Now, what we don’t know is whether or not the Saints will hear him out.

Will they host him for a workout to see what he’s still capable of? Set with their roster and comfortable with thier abilities, Bryant may not add much, but the margin between the Saints and NFC-leading 49ers is paper thin anyway.

The Saints’ No.1 receiver, Michael Thomas, is on pace for a historic season, on track to break the league record for most receptions in a season. Bryant could take some of the load off his shoulders.

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But, is he ready to contribute on a playoff contender? Does he still have enough left in the tank? Bryant thinks so, and he’ll likely be a Saint in the next few weeks if the team thinks that as well.

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