New Orleans Saints wanted A.J. Green, but Bengals wouldn’t budge

The New Orleans Saints wanted A.J. Green, but the stubborn Cincinnati Bengals were not trading their injured wide receiver.

The Cincinnati Bengals may have saved the New Orleans Saints from a trade they would’ve regretted.

While most of Who Dat Nation was on board for a trade and national reporters thought a trade might get done, we now know it won’t be as the NFL’s October 29 trade deadline has passed, but as it stands, it’s the Bengals who have the most to lose by not making a deal.

After all, even if they re-sign A.J. Green, are they really going to be a contender while he’s still contributing? That said, why not get value for him? The Saints, according to multiple reports were interested.

CBS Sports reporter Jason La Canfora said on CBS Sports HQ that the Saints may make an offer the Bengals couldn’t refuse.

“We’ll see.. Deadlines spur action. The Saints are willing to add a top-caliber playmaker if possible. Even with A.J. Green being as hurt as he is, the Saints or the Eagles, maybe they make an offer that even (owner) Mike Brown can’t refuse.”

As we now know, whatever offer was has been refused. However, according to Adam Schefter via The Spun’s Chris Rosvoglou, the Saints and Bengals were in the closing in a trade that eventually fell apart as the Bengals’ demands were just too high.

Unfortunately, we don’t actually know what those demands were. Could it have been two picks and at least one a first-rounder? Even that is far too high for a player on a contract year that likely wouldn’t be re-signed.

At the end of the day, it’s disappointing. The Bengals should’ve been in firesale mode, but they decided to keep all their pieces, a trade of this new Zac Taylor era that may be a little disappointing for a disgruntled fanbase.

The Saints made their offer, and it was clearly rejected. Whatever the offer was, we can say a nice thank you to the Bengals for allowing us to keep out draft picks while retaining out title as a Super Bowl contender.

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This team will be fine without an additional playmaking threat. Tre’Quan Smith and Keith Kirkwood at full strength will be enough.

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