New Orleans Saints have proven they can do whatever it takes to win


The New Orleans Saints may not always win in the most glamorous way, but they’ve been getting the job done without Drew Brees leading the way.

Do the New Orleans Saints need offense? Maybe. Do they need defensive? Who knows. Does the Teddy Bridgewater-led team always give exactly what they need to win? So far, yes.

That said, it’s been four games now without Drew Brees. The Saints, in that stint, are 4-0. Their four wins haven’t all been pretty, and they certainly haven’t all been in a similar style.

In two of the games, the Saints held their opponent to 10 or fewer points. In the other two, the Saints opponent topped 20. However, in each of those games, the Saints offense has done exactly the necessary amount to get the win. The same can be said of their defense.

The team’s most recent victory proved that even further. As the Saints met the Jaguars, fans knew this game could go one of two ways. It could be a shootout with the efficient Gardner Minshew leading the way for Jacksonville, or it could be a defense-first battle.

It ended as the latter with just a combined 19 points. But, going into the fourth quarter, it was just 6-6. Then, the New Orleans Saints, like they did against the Cowboys, Bucs, and Seahawks, turned it on to take the victory.

The Saints drove the ball early in the fourth quarter for the game’s only touchdown. No, it wasn’t Alvin Kamara or Michael Thomas who found the endzone but Jared Cook. Thomas or Kamara didn’t need to go off in this matchup for the Saints to come out victorious.

That’s the beauty of this team. It can be an offensive onslaught or a defensive grind. In both battles, they can find a way to come out on top. They’ll need to prove that again this upcoming Sunday as well.

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The Saints will take on the Bears Sunday in what is expected to be another defensive-minded matchup. Can they grind out another victory against a top-tier opponent?