New Orleans Saints Trade Rumors: Tyler Eifert is an odd target


The New Orleans Saints are apparently interested in the Cincinnati Bengals’ Tyler Eifert, which is an odd target for the Sean Payton-led team.

In a rather odd development, the New Orleans Saints reportedly have an interest in the Cincinnati Benga’s Tyler Eifert. This comes just months after the team signed elite 6-foot-5 tight end Jared Cook.

CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora first reported that the NFC South-leading Saints are aiming for yet another tight end.

"League sources said the Saints and Patriots are among the teams most deeply looking for pass catching help, and both would have interest in oft-injured tight end Tyler Eifert as well, who is making just $1 million this season."

The Bengals are likely to drop to 0-5 after struggling to score against the Cardinals. If the score holds, this will be Cincinnati’s second home loss, extending their losing streak and increasing the chance of a firesale.

If the team does firesale, A.J. Green will be the first target for teams. He may command a first-round pick, and teams have reportedly been picking up the phone for the seven-time Pro Bowler. Apparently, Eifert is also being targeted.

However, given the Saints’ tight end situation, it’d be odd if this development came to fruition. For starters, the team has really yet to use Jared Cook, who came up just 104 yards short of his first 1,000-yard season last year.

He’s a huge end zone presence which speculatively speaking is what Eifert would be brought in for. Eifert has an injury history, and the Saints have already cut a few solid tight ends to allow room for other positions, making it an even more interesting report.

They’ve kept Josh Hill and Jared Cook, bringing in Taysom Hill for any addition blocking or receiving. That said, the Saints would likely give up no more than a fourth-round pick for Eifert, a player that’s played in six games in 2017 and 2018 combined.

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Don’t expect anything to come from this but do note that the Saints are starting to gain interest in being buyers as the NFL’s trade deadline will near in the next few weeks.