Four field goals is unacceptable, Saints must finish on offense in Week 5


The New Orleans Saints must be better at finishing offensive drives in Week 5 after only scoring four field goals against the Cowboys.

There’s no complaining as the New Orleans Saints were able to defeat the Dallas Cowboys in Week 4, taking down their third undefeated team and securing their third victory of the season. However, there are certainly areas the team can improve in.

At the top of the list is being able to finish offensive drives. There’s no reason the Saints should be settling for four field goals, and in the near future, that may not be able to cut it as they’ll most definitely be going against some high-octane offenses in the coming weeks.

The Saints entered halftime up 9-3. All three of their field goals were in the second quarter. That said, let’s take a quick look at where each drive stalled and what led to those drives being halted.

The first field goal was kicked on the same drive which the Saints had a first and ten on the Dallas 14. A Michael Thomas penalty and a Bridgewater sack eventually led to an eventual 4th and 18. 90 seconds later, they got the ball back.

After getting down to a first and ten on the Dallas 18, Bridgewater scrambled for a yard, Kamara was stuffed and then Bridgewater was sacked. Another stalled drive and the Saints were left with another field goal attempt just minutes after their previous one.

Another drive was kicked off late in the second quarter after a Vonn Bell fumble recovery. The Saints got down all the way to the Dallas two before having to kick a field goal with time expiring on second down.

Aside from the third drive, all these had disappointing finishes. But, there’s one common denominator between two of the four and that’s a late-drive sack. The Saints must do better later in the drives about keeping Bridgewater upright.

Finish off those two drives and it’s a wider ten-point led instead of a mere two-point one. It could also be play-calling changes that are an easy fix. The Saints could look at more screen passes and more short, slant plays instead of giving Bridgewater more option and asking for a pass in a pressure-filled pocket.

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Whatever the solution, they must do better against a lethal Buccaneers offense in Week 5.