Colin Kaepernick should be an option for the New Orleans Saints


Colin Kaepernick may not be able to come in and start for the New Orleans Saints, but he should, at the very least, be an option moving forward.

The New Orleans Saints will hand Teddy Bridgewater the keys to the car in Week 3. But, can he get it rolling as the Saints will be without their star quarterback, Drew Brees, for the next six weeks, leading up the team’s bye week?

While many hope he can, if he can’t, is there any place for Colin Kaepernick on this team? The signing would be drama-filled, but we don’t know if Kap’s presence would created unneeded stress on the organization.

His resume fits the mold.

He was a dominant quarterback for a time but hasn’t played since 2016, potentially an issue for many teams. However, the 31-year-old does have double the career starts of current starting quarterback and former Pro Bowl selection Teddy Bridgewater.

However, after being out of the league for three seasons, it’d be difficult for Kaepernick to both return to throwing well in motion and learn an offense all in a short period of time. But, there are a few reasons why a team should take a chance on him.

He’s a cheap option for New Orleans and shouldn’t bring too much attention to himself or the team. With many teams in a worse position at quarterback than New Orleans, it’s crazy that Kap, who has reached out to teams, is still on the market.

In light of Brees’ injury, the Saints signed J.T. Barrett to their practice.

After cutting him earlier in the preseason and multiple times last season, the team clearly doesn’t value his presence. If they don’t trust J.T. and don’t want Hill leading the charge full time, Kaepernick could be a quality option for them.

Many forget that Kap had a season of over 3,300 yards and another 639 on the ground.

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He’s a dual-threat quarterback that should be given a chance somewherre, and that place could be New Orleans if they believe he can be what he was. At the very least, he should be considered an option for the Big Easy.