Saints: Week 3 at Seattle isn’t a fair gauge of where Teddy Bridgewater is


The New Orleans Saints will toss Teddy Bridgewater into the fire in Week 3, and it shouldn’t be the game to gauge where he is as a leader.

Here’s what’s likely going to happen on Sunday. Teddy Bridgewater, who is expected to start for the New Orleans Saints, may struggle as the team will probably drop in coverage and beg the team to run Kamara up the middle.

In Seattle’s Week 1 win over Cincinnati, they forced the Bengals into doing exactly what they didn’t want to do. While the Bengals almost were able to throw their way through the game, as Andy Dalton eclipsed 400 yards for the first in his career, limiting the run game did them in.

The Seahawks take away what their opponent is comfortable with doing. For the Saints, they’ve been dominant with screens, slip plays and over the middle sets. That said, they’re going to make New Orleans run the ball on Sunday.

As we saw with the AFC’s leading rusher in Joe Mixon last season, getting through their active front four will be tough. The Saints will have their hands full against one of the league’s better defenses.

That’s why this shouldn’t be the game you judge Teddy Bridgewater’s future on. It’ll be his first as the team’s clear No. 1 active quarterback since the 2015 season. There will be tough situations where he makes the wrong read or doesn’t’ audible a blitz away.

On average, the Seahawks have given up 23 points per game. Their defense is mighty, but it’s not formidable. So, at the same time, this could be the game where Bridgewater proves he’s a competent heir to Brees, tearing up a solid defense in front of one of the league’s rowdiest home crowds.

Either way, while it’s already written in the stars, there really shouldn’t be too much noise after this game on whether or not Bridgewater is worthy of the starting spot moving forward. He wanted to stay in the Big Easy and choose to stay here.

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We need to give him more than just Week 3 to prove he belongs as the team’s main backup quarterback.