The Saints need to stay as far away from Antonio Brown as possible


The Oakland Raiders may find a way to void Antonio Brown’s contract, and some poor team is going to give him a chance. It better not be the Saints.

The New Orleans Saints, if you want to imagine for a second, would be an absolute force with Antonio Brown and Michael Thomas on the outside. It’d be an unstoppable duo that is if Brown played.

The Raiders wide receiver, which they traded for last season, has been causing mayhem in the organization. He’s taken over as the main distraction and that’s been hurting his value around the league.

A few years ago, Brown was widely considered the league’s best receiver. The numbers backed that claim as well. At his peak, Brown notched over 1,800 yards in a season. He’s led the league in receiving yards twice and in receptions twice as well.

In Pittsburgh, Brown made his name known.

Now, Brown may see his contract voided on a team that’s given him every opportunity to succeed. If he’s an available player for team’s to sign, which team is going to take the bait? Which team wants that highly talented distraction?

Let’s just say it better not be the New Orleans Saints. Typically a distraction-free organization, the Saints, in the public eye, are one of the better franchises. Yes, their fanbase was upset after the NFC Championship game.

Aside from that, which was understandable, the team, players and fans have stayed out of the national spotlight. The most coverage the Saints got this offseason was when they extended Michael Thomas to a record-breaking contract.

That’s how they operate.

They don’t want a locker room cancer. They don’t need Brown to impose his drama on their organization.

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While the pipe dream is tempting, the Saints better be as far away from Brown as possible if he’s allowed to look elsewhere for work.