Several S/I experts have Saints winning Super Bowl in next 5 years


The New Orleans Saints have won a Super Bowl in the last ten years, but will they win one in the next five? Some experts think they will.

Sports Illustrated took some of their NFL experts from MMQB and asked them to predict who would win the next five Super Bowls. An impossible task, just under a third of the experts predicted the New Orleans Saints to secure at least one title.

S/I asked ten experts. Of those ten, three had New Orleans reigning supreme over the league in the next half a decade. This ties the Colts and the Rams for the fourth-most selections, coming in after that was the Eagles (4), Patriots (10) and Chiefs (14).

Yes, S/I and just about every NFL fan expect greatness from the Chiefs in the next few seasons. With a bright, up-and-coming quarterback and one of the league’s best tight ends, the Chiefs being at the top of the list seems reasonable.

At large, the expert’s choices made sense. That said, many of these experts expect the Saints to win a Super Bowl with Drew Brees leading the way. Here’s what one expert, Jonathon Jones, said about the Saints.

"The Saints and Patriots will get their Super Bowl victories with their current coach-quarterback combinations while they’re still in this championship window, and the Chiefs may get one or both of theirs after Mahomes signs his contract extension."

Bette Marston, another one of S/I’s experts, just threw New Orleans in because, well, why not.

"The Saints and the Bears will win one too because, well, why not."

The Saints, who were dominant in the regular season last season, were potentially one pass interference call away from a Super Bowl. With an offense that arguably got even better with the addition of Jared Cook, this team could easily rule the NFC again.

But, can they win a Super Bowl?

With just one title in franchise history, the Saints took down the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV. After a 13-0 start to the season, the Saints lost their last three, ending the year 13-3. That was back in 2010.

Now, New Orleans needs to find a way to win one this decade.

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Easier said than done, it’ll be behind the combination of Brees, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara, like Jones mentioned. If that happens, it must happen soon. That said, this could be the year of the Saints as the team will soon be preparing for life without future Hall of Famer Drew Brees.