New Orleans Saints: Michael Thomas should be a top-three wide receiver in fantasy football


With a deep wide receiver pool, top-tier talent will be rare, and New Orleans Saints’ star receiver Michael Thomas is one of those top-tier receivers.

After a record-setting contract, Michael Thomas should be ready to prove he’s worthy of every penny of it. If he does that, the New Orleans Saints superstar will make not only fans of the team happy but fantasy owners all over the globe happy as well.

Fantasy football is an ever-growing phenomenon that’s yet to take off in the same capacity in any other sport. With wagers on leagues hitting four digits, it’s necessary to understand the top prospects at each position.

Out wide, Michael Thomas will be a top pick. Although Thomas may still be selected outside the first round, it wouldn’t be shocking to see owners reaching into the top-15 for the star receiver.

However, prior to using that second-round pick on Thomas, an owner must know his league. Thomas is only a top-three receiver in PPR league, leading the league in receptions last season. Given his role in the offense, Thomas will be looking at similar numbers this season.

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The top-two receivers on the majority of fantasy boards are DeAndre Hopkins and Davante Adams.

Their success hinges on the lacking of a run game by their respective team and the lacking of elite options out wide or in the middle. Add in a rising superstar and a future Hall of Fame quarterback, and it’s easy to understand why they’re so high.

Those two are the exception though, not the norm. In reality, they’re the only two in such a position. Each could realistically see 10-plus targets per game with multiple of them in the endzone as well. One of those will true about Thomas’ season.

That said, following those two should be Michael Thomas.

Thomas racked up 125 receptions last season. Collecting over 1,400 yards, Thomas thrives with threats like Alvin Kamara in the backfield.

He does so by being the only main threat on the edge in a pass-heavy offense.

Drew Brees will be looking at another high-level season, and the addition of Jared Cook over the middle should actually help the team’s offense. A strengthened offensive line lead by a rookie center should also create a new dynamic surrounding the team.

The Saints will have a top-five offense this season, and Thomas will be the main beneficiary of it.

That said, the dominance of the offense combined with the success of the team’s quarterback oftentimes defines how well the receiver does.

Well, this season, I’m taking Thomas over the likes of Julio Jones, led by an inconsistent Matt Ryan, and Odell Beckham Jr., whose team is captained by both an unproven Baker Mayfield and also has a few other capable receivers.

This is the year of Michael Thomas.

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Go ahead, use that second-round pick on him.