New Orleans Saints: Teddy Bridgewater feels better than ever before


While Teddy Bridgewater may not get many snaps this season for the New Orleans Saints, the five-year pro is feeling better than ever before.

Drew Brees is the New Orleans Saints starting quarterback. That is one of the few assurances we can give you going into the team’s first preseason game. However, at the same time, Brees just turned 40 and is certainly on the downward spiral.

While an aging Drew Brees is still a top-five quarterback, the Saints may need to start seeking out his replacement. That player may already be on the team, and whether in practice or on the field, fifth-year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater is prepared to take on the challenge.

Having struggled with his health throughout his professional career, Bridgewater has played just six games over the last two seasons after combining for over 6,000 yards his first two seasons. Knowing his skill, the Saints took a risk, trading for the former University of Louisville star.

That risk is already paying off. Bridgewater, who was allowed to nurse his body back to full strength while backing up Brees, is feeling better than.

“I can honestly say that this is the best I’ve ever felt in my six years,” Bridgewater told CBS Sports. Turning down a contract with the Dolphins earlier this offseason, Bridgewater clearly wants to be the heir to the throne that Drew Brees will ultimately relinquish in the near future.

That said, Bridgewater isn’t necessarily injury prone. Although more of a running quarterback than most pure pocket passers, the concern for Bridgewater’s health isn’t as much as an issue as it used to be.

As he’ll visit his former team in the Saints first preseason game, expect Bridgewater to find his revenge. While this won’t be his first return to the north, it may be the first in which he sees real-time.

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For the time being, just hearing that Bridgewater is healthy and planning on training to be the future of the Saints is a plus.