4 RBs were drafted before Alvin Kamara

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We talked recently about the 5 receivers taken ahead of Michael Thomas. There were four running backs taken ahead of Alvin Kamara. Who were they and how have they done in comparison?

Heading into his third year in the league, Alvin Kamara has been a dominant force for the New Orleans Saints. It was recently claimed in an ESPN article that he and Christian McCaffrey were two candidates who had the potential to join the 1,000-1,000 club. That is an accomplishment that only two players in NFL history have achieved. To give such high expectations and praise to a third-year player is a statement to Kamara’s ability.

It’s not a question about whether or not Kamara is a top-tier talent. In his first two seasons, he has 31 total touchdowns. This averages out to Kamara scoring one touchdown a game. That 31 touchdown total in two years is more than Michael Thomas (23) has scored in his three-year career. He is simply a scoring machine and arguably the best dual-threat back in the entire league.

There have been so many rotating pieces in the Saint’s backfield during this offseason. Without Ingram, they are looking for that secondary back. But the team has had zero worries about their lead man in Kamara. No one doubts his abilities. Everyone knows that he’ll be a reliable piece week in and week out.

But this wasn’t the case in the 2017 NFL Draft. Kamara was taken in the third round with the 67th pick. Who were those taken before him? Where are they now? How have their short careers compared to Kamara’s blazing start in the league? We talked recently about the five receivers taken before Michael Thomas in the 2016 NFL Draft. Here are the four running backs taken before Alvin Kamara.