Who do the Saints want to face in the NFC Playoffs Divisonal Round?

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This weekend, in the Wild Card Round of the playoffs, the Saints find out who their opponent will be in the NFC Playoffs Divisional Round. We break it down.

Wild card weekend is upon us with the NFC Playoffs Divisional Round set for the following week. Saints fans are in an unusual spot this season. Sitting in the catbird seat, the Who Dat nation gets the uneasy luxury of watching games simply to see who our next opponent is. It’s uneasy because knowing there is still football to be played, but not actually playing, is odd. When the bye week occurs, there is an entire league of games going on around you. This week, there are a total of four games.

But there is more a luxury to this week. The Saints have a banged up offensive line that is without doubt rejoicing over the bye week. The hits pile up over 17 weeks and to have a week with less hitting is beneficial. For the guys playing this week, there is the positive of continuity. Often when the bye week teams rejoin the fray, the play isn’t quite as sharp and the resumption of the banging takes a minute to get used to. But ask any player and they’ll take the week off and the prospect of home field over that “continuity”.

So the Saints know which teams they may face. As the number one seed, they will face the lowest seeded remaining team in the playoffs after the Wild Card round is over. This means there are only three possible teams they may face: the 6th seed Philadelphia Eagles, the 5th seed Seattle Seahawks, or the 4th seed Dallas Cowboys. We have the benefit of having played two of those teams this season.

Let’s look at the possible matchups.