New Orleans Saints: One team left on Drew Brees’ hit list


One of the headlines heading into the Saints Week 7 contest against the Ravens is the fact that Baltimore is the one NFL team Drew Brees has never beaten.

This weekend the New Orleans Saints will face a tough matchup when they line up against the Baltimore Ravens. This will be the toughest opponent the Saints have faced all year. However, this game is more than an ordinary regular season game. This game has the potential to be another milestone in Drew Brees’ illustrious career.

With a win against the Ravens, Drew Brees would join Brett Favre and Peyton Manning in having beaten all 32 NFL teams. The feat is extraordinarily hard to accomplish, as it requires a quarterback to not only be productive, but productive over an extended period of time with multiple teams.

Let’s take a look at Drew Brees’ all-time record against every single NFL team over the course of his career.

Arizona Cardinals: 5-2

Atlanta Falcons: 17-9. This is arguably the rivalry that defines the Saints and the NFC South. This winning record has to be one of Brees’ favorite accomplishments.

Baltimore Ravens: 0-4. This is the weekend that Drew can finally get that elusive win against the Ravens. The Ravens have always been known for their stellar defense, and this year is no different. Drew will have to find a new level to beat the number one ranked defense in the NFL and join history in defeating all 32 NFL teams.

Buffalo Bills: 4-1.

Carolina Panthers: 13-11. Another NFC South Rival that has always been an electric matchup. These games are some of the best of the season. Nothing is better than watching Drew Brees face off against Cam Newton.

Chicago Bears: 4-4.

Cincinnati Bengals: 2-2.

Cleveland Browns: 4-2.

Dallas Cowboys: 5-3. Always a fun game to watch.

Denver Broncos: 2-8. Denver is another team that has had Drew’s number for a while now. The Broncos have historically been known to have a strong defense, and play outside. This could be a reason why Drew Brees has struggled.

Detroit Lions: 5-3.

Green Bay Packers: 4-3.

Houston Texans: 3-2.

Indianapolis Colts: 4-2. One of these four wins is the greatest win in New Orleans Saints history- Super Bowl XLIV. Brees vs. Manning. The On-side kick. Nothing else needs to be said.

Jacksonville Jaguars: 4-1.

Kansas City Chiefs: 4-5.

Miami Dolphins: 3-3.

Minnesota Vikings: 4-3. It should be 5-2, and the Saints should have another Super Bowl victory. But the missed tackle…..

New England Patriots: 3-2. I cannot imagine many active quarterbacks have a winning record against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

New Orleans Saints: 1-0.

New York Giants: 5-2.

New York Jets: 3-4.

Oakland Raiders: 8-3.

Philadelphia Eagles: 5-3. I am really looking forward to the late season matchup between the two teams this year. I think Carson Wentz will continue to be dynamic, and should be a great shootout.

Pittsburgh Steelers: 2-3.

San Diego Chargers: 3-0.

San Francisco 49ers: 7-3.

Seattle Seahawks: 3-4.

St. Louis Rams: 3-5.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 15-11

Tennessee Titans: 2-2.

Washington Redskins: 4-4.

This is a lot of information to digest, so I’ll highlight a few trends. Most of the teams that Drew Brees has a losing record against have home stadiums that are outdoors. Drew Brees has always been accused of not being able to perform while playing outdoors. Deuce Windham at The Athletic has a great article on the effects of playing outdoors on Drew Brees (subscription required), I highly recommend taking a look.

Here is another fun stat: Drew has never lost to a team that he has played for. Drew Brees is undefeated against the Chargers and the Saints with a collective 4-0 record.

This weekend is important in helping Drew get to that milestone, but it will not be without challenges. I think Drew is  looking to flip the script in this matchup.

Touchdown Pass:

Ted Ginn Jr has been placed on the IR as Who Dat Dish’s own Roy Anderson correctly speculated yesterday.

Drew Brees is doing a pretty cool fundraiser for his Brees Dream Foundation on Prizeo, it’s worth taking a look.

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Finally, I think this is the week Drew and the Saints get it right against the Ravens. I am predicting a 27-17 Saints victory.