New Orleans Saints player profile 2018: Taysom Hill


You know Taysom Hill as Drew Brees’ potential successor. But who really is the New Orleans Saints third string quarterback?

There is a less-than-secretive, inevitable occurrence the Saints and fans are dreading: Drew Brees’ retirement. The future Hall of Fame quarterback has to hang up the cleats eventually. And, at 38-years old, “eventually” is a lot sooner than we’d like it to be. Brees is currently under contract for the next two seasons; afterwards is unknown. 

The smartest move for a team in this position is to develop a young QB in hopes of him becoming the heir one day. Usually this is done through the NFL Draft, so a young player can learn the offense and structure of a team while prepping to begin his journey at the start of his prime. Are the Saints doing just that with second-year QB Taysom Hill?

It doesn’t exactly seem like they are, as most quarterbacks don’t play any special teams snaps. Whether they’re starters or bench warmers. Taysom Hill wasn’t even drafted by the Saints. In fact, he wasn’t drafted at all. After four seasons at Brigham Young University (BYU), Hill signed with the Green Bay Packers after going undrafted in the 2017 NFL Draft. 

Hill appeared in three preseason games but was ultimately part of the final cuts for the Packers. A day after being waived, the Saints were the first to pick up the promising, unproven rookie. Hill rode the practice squad until December 3rd of last year. That’s when New Orleans learned the name. 

Two special teams tackles doesn’t sound impressive. However, Hill’s debut in the league was very impressive. His two tackles came on kickoffs, and he disrupted a Carolina punt to force a turnover on downs. It helped the Saints to a home win, and a season sweep of the Panthers. Hill didn’t make much noise the rest of the season.

Hill in 2018

The interesting part about the backup QB is that it’s a great thing when fans don’t see him play. At all. A third-string quarterback ending the regular season with zero snaps under center is not a rarity in the NFL. So don’t be surprised if Hill is nowhere to be found in September-January, especially with Brees’ great health background. 

However, you may still find him on special teams. Other than that, look for Hill’s progression during training camp (from reports mostly), and from watching preseason games. Hill is 6-foot-2 and weighs 221-pounds. That doesn’t scream “massive athlete” on paper, but Hill is the perfect build for football. 

Hill’s ceiling for the season is proving that he has the ability behind the offensive line to at least be a formidable replacement for Brees. His floor is competing against JT Barrett and possibly losing the third string spot to the rookie. But, I like Hill and his game. He’s strong, has an arm, and he’s athletic. Of course, he’s nowhere near as accurate as Brees. 99-percent of other quarterbacks aren’t. Hill makes up for that in other areas, and it’s going to be exciting to see how he develops into, perhaps, a complete package in the pocket. 

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Quick facts

Hill is a devout Mormon, and served as a missionary in Sydney, Australia from 2009-2011. He was heavily recruited coming out of high school, especially after being named 2008 All- Idaho Player of the Year. 

His very first play from scrimmage in college was an 18-yard touchdown pass against Washington State. The unluckiest part about Hill’s college career was the fact that each of his four seasons were cut short due to injury. He stayed with BYU after graduating instead of transferring, and his redshirt senior year was over on November 16 of 2016.