Saints 2018 draft class: Should fans ‘trust the process’?

Marshon Lattimore of Ohio State reacts after being picked #11 overall by the New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Marshon Lattimore of Ohio State reacts after being picked #11 overall by the New Orleans Saints. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /

Between giving away next year’s first round pick for Marcus Davenport and some of the Saints later picks, many are once again questioning the Saints draft moves. But should they?

The instant takes have been fast and furious regarding the Saints 2018 draft class. As far as the national media is concerned, the general consensus seems to be that the Saints reached for a few players and gave up too much for Marcus Davenport.

That said, pundits seem reluctant to go all-in on bashing the Saints because of the absurd success of last year’s class. Will Brinson’s piece for CBS Sports is my favorite example of writers caveating their critiques. Among Saints fans, the reactions seem evenly mixed. Some liked the aggressive move to go get Davenport. Others shook their fists at the heavens screaming “why”? 

Personally, I loved the move to go get Marcus Davenport. I thought it was the ultimate win-now move and whether or not it pans out I support an aggressive organizational philosophy. Win, lose or draw, I would rather watch a team of riverboat gamblers. Give me a Sean Payton willing to call an onside kick in the Super Bowl over a conventionally conservative coach that punts on a fourth and two on the opponent’s side of the field every time.

Will the Saints 2018 draft class yield hidden gems?

The Saints have pulled a fair share of diamonds out of the rough later in the draft. Marques Colston and Zach Strief come to mind for the later rounds while Alvin Kamara in the 3rd is the most recent example. Despite this, there has been a lot of criticism over how the Saints spent their later round picks.

Frankly, that’s just absurd. Late round picks are essentially lottery tickets, sometimes you strike gold with an Antonio Brown in the sixth round, but mostly you are looking to add depth and potentially improve your special teams. The Saints 2018 draft class accomplished both of those objectives. Personally, I can’t wait to see Boston Scott compete to return kicks this year. The guy is electric with the football.

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The 76ers begged their fans to “trust the process” because they had to tank to turn the franchise around. Because of last year’s unbelievable draft, the Saints are on the verge of a full rebuild without ever sucking. If nothing else, last year should have at least purchased enough trust to let the players take the field before screaming bloody murder over the Saints choices.

I’m not suggesting this year’s class is going to be as good as last year’s. Realistically, how could it be? What I am saying is let this team take the field before getting outraged over fourth and fifth round picks. Besides, if the Saints hit on Davenport, the rest is just gravy on top.