Part three: One pick and one signing that will make the 2018 Saints better

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There have been problem areas for the Saints in recent years. Tight end and defensive front seven come to mind. Oh Jimmy, where art thou?

One thing you can bank on general manager Micky Loomis accomplishing is finding diamonds in the rough. New Orleans Saints fans should be proud of that, as many of the team’s all-time greats were underdogs until Loomis came around.

It starts, of course, with the signing of Drew Brees. The future Hall of Fame quarterback was nearly a Miami Dolphin. When the team’s concerns over his shoulder injury grew too large, they let Brees sign with New Orleans. He’s played with a chip on his shoulder, and continues to break records for the Saints.

Franchise All-Pros Mark Ingram and Cameron Jordan were selected four spots between each other in the same draft (24th and 28th). Somehow, a Heisman Trophy winner and beastly defensive end became diamonds in the rough for Loomis and his staff.

Other steals include Marques Colston, found in the seventh round of the 2006 draft. Alvin Kamara, Von Bell, Ken Crawley, Wil Lutz, Roman Harper, Michael Thomas, the list goes on of current and former Saints who were passed up by each NFL team at least once before landing on Loomis’ lap.

He has also managed signings like Brees, where the player was the underdog in the league.

Recently, Ted Ginn Jr has become a key signing for this Saints team. Larry Warford was a quick signing for the Saints and he was a Pro Bowl selection his first season in New Orleans.

Both didn’t seem to get many looks during free agency or the Saints swooped in quickly after they saw the potential fit.

Darren Sharper, Jabari Greer, and even Darren Sproles were all great signings by Loomis that turned out better than expected.