Two great guests made appearances on The Who Dat Dish Podcast this week


As The Who Dat Dish Podcast gears up for the divisional round, two episodes were dropped this week featuring two amazing special guests.

Hello all you Saints fans! In case you didn’t know, this site also has a podcast. It’s hosted by myself, Dayton Brown, and fellow Who Dat Dish contributor, Tyler Raymond.

We are 30 weeks into our podcast, and have nearly 40 total episodes to date. Lucky for us, our first season doing the show led to a playoff berth for the Saints. Every episode, we bring on a guest in which we half-interview/half co-host with. Usually, the guests have been saints fans or fellow contributors. Recently, however, the spot has been expanded to include rival-site journalists as well.

This week saw us bring on both. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @TheWDDPodcast to stay up to date with our episode releases and other news!

Episode 30

It was a long time coming, but we were finally able to get Sean Williams on our show. Sean is the longtime co-host of the Under the Dome Podcast. They stream live on YouTube every Tuesday, and you can FIND THE CHANNEL HERE.

Sean has been hosting the podcast for over a year now with Allen Ulrich, who we’ve had on the show before as well. Sean has been a die hard Saints fan for over 45 years, and has gained a massive following in the community with his great podcast.

He helped Tyler and I break down New Orleans’ 31-26 Wild Card Round win over Carolina. How the Saints were able to win, who deserves the most credit, and what it means going forward was all discussed. The show is capped off with us predicting the other NFL Divisional Round games. Be sure to follow Sean on Twitter @drewsdad3721.

Listen here on iTunes. Or on BlogTalkRadio.

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Episode 30B

To cap off the Divisional Round Week, we were very fortunate to being on our second guest from a rival FanSided site. Adam Carlson, site expert and editor at Viking Age, helped us break down tomorrow’s New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings game.

Adam is just the second ever expert from a rival site to appear on our show. And, even though he’s been the co-host of the Purple People Podcast for five years, this was the first time Adam has appeared on a rival site’s podcast.

He was great to have on as a guest, as his fantastic insight on the Vikings helped us break down important match ups for Sunday. We summed up each team’s seasons as well, and predicted the score. We finish the episode off with social media questions from some fans and friends!

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Check out Adam and his work surrounding the Vikings at, and search for the Purple People Podcast on iTunes!

Listen to episode 30B.

Thank you so much for the support, and here’s to 30+ more episodes!