The Who Dat Dish Podcast Episode 23 and 23B summary


We were joined by two very special guests this week for two fantastic episodes! Listen to the Who Dat Dish Podcast here. Talking Redskins, previewing Rams.

Hope your Thanksgiving Week went well, and was filled with football and food a-plenty! In case you missed it, two brand new episodes of The Who Dat Dish Podcast came out this week, marking episodes 23 and 23B.

Episode 23, which was recorded and released on Monday, featured a first time guest on the show. Joe Azeer of and the Defeat The Curse Podcast joined the show to help us break down the Saints’ comeback victory over the Washington Redskins. DTC is a Washington D.C.-based sports site and podcast, which is ran and hosted by Joe.

Tyler and I were on that podcast last week to help the guys preview the Redskins vs Saints game (which you can listen to here). On our podcast, Joe helped us review, discuss, and analyze the happenings of the game, while also diving into greater NFL talk.

Recorded and uploaded on Wednesday was episode 23B, featuring yet another first-time guest. Mark George, a big fan of the show, made his first ever podcast appearance ! We were honored to have Mark, aka @M_George5 on Twitter, on the show to help us breakdown this Sunday’s Saints game.

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Week 12 features New Orleans traveling to Los Angeles go take on the Rams. Mark gave his insight into the game, and we analyzed matchups to look for on the field. While this episode was being recorded, Tyler was live streaming himself on Facebook, allowing fans to ask questions during the episode, in which we answered later on.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, @TheWDDPodcast, and subscribe to us on, so you can stay up to speed with every episode. Next week, we will have @SaintCharlie on again, as he will talk about this Sunday’s game and Week 13 with us.