Abracadabra Saints pull a ‘W’ out of the hat


The New Orleans Saints continue their winning streak to 8. Arguably, this win tops all the previous ones. There’s no doubt anymore that there’s something inexplicable happening in 2017.

Although the Saints didn’t make anyone disappear or levitate to the Terrace on Sunday, the Black and Gold pulled off the unthinkable. What transpired on Sunday was a 30 for 30 “one in a million” stunner.

Who Dat Nation was ready to call it a day on Sunday, after the Washington Redskins scored to go up 31-16 late in the 4th Quarter. No doubt, the feeling was that this was the day the music died and the streak would end. Some fans started exiting for the doors a little too early. They missed one of the greatest comebacks in Saints’ history.

Of course, the scoreboard showed a 15-point deficit. The odds were astronomical.

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But the New Orleans Saints pulled a heck of a magic trick in front of a raucous crowd. With under 6 minutes to play, the Saints pulled the greatest escape out of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome with a shocking win. Houdini would’ve been proud of this one.

The Saints escaped the jaws of disappointment to euphoric roars. This win signifies grit and determination when every single arrow pointed to a loss. As a result, the Saints moved to 8-2 and also rid the fears of another 7-9 season.

RB Mark Ingram received the game ball, as he ran inspired for 131 yards. Drew Brees added 385 yards through the air. And kicker Wil Lutz was clutch 4-4 on field goals Sunday. Ultimately, the Saints stole this game like a “thief in the night.

What more can be said about this win. A picture is worth a thousand words.