The New Orleans Saints are now mauling their opponents


The New Orleans Saints are now winning in a different way. The Black and Gold are mauling their opponents without any mercy.

The definition of maul is to injure by a rough beating; bruise. Another definition states: to handle or use roughly. Regardless, the Saints are pushing around teams like a ragdoll. This is not your Black and Gold team that fans may have grown used to over the years under Sean Payton.

No, this team is about lining up and running the ball down the throats of the opponent. This is the only thing that comes to mind, on how the Saints are simply just knocking out their opponents.

The Saints’ two headed monster, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara, combined for over 200 yards on the ground. Even RB Trey Edmunds added a touchdown late, as the Saints torched the Bills 47-10. Alvin Kamara summed it up nicely. 

"“We came out and wanted to impose our will. When we were in the locker room, we said we got to put the pressure on and break their will.”"

The 2017 New Orleans Saints are a new breed of nastiness. Who Dat Nation has always been looking for that edge. Now the swords have come out. Saints had one drive in Week 10 without a single pass attempt. Ironically, Drew Brees scrambled in for a touchdown too.

"“I tried and scramble around awhile to try and find someone but out of the corner of my eye I saw Terron Armstead clear a way and make it easy for me.”"

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Drew Brees running touchdowns? Really?

The Buffalo Bills were supposed to be a test for the New Orleans Saints. If that was a test, the Saints must have gotten the answers beforehand. Nonetheless, The Saints are running a throwback run “up the gut” offense and winning with huge numbers. This team is fun to watch.