Saints have shown dominance on the road in 2017


A typically poor team away from the Dome, New Orleans has shaken that stereotype through 10 weeks with impressive wins on the road.

There may not be many better occurrences in sports than capping off a 7-game win streak, after starting 0-2, with a 37-point victory. More impressively, the victory came on the road, and was executed by a team who has past troubles in that department.

This season, however, has gone against the New Orleans Saints schedule norm. The team is 4-1 on the road this season. Their lone loss was opening night in Minnesota. From 2006-2016, the Saints were 46-42 outside of New Orleans during the regular season. This includes just one season of being 7-1 on the road (2010), and a season in which they went 2-6 (2007), and finished 3-5 in 2013 despite a 6-2 home record.

From Sean Payton

Even head coach Sean Payton praised his team’s great play on the road this year, and how it’s gone against what most people expect. This from his post-game press conference following Sunday’s game:

"Q: With the elements not being that bad, do you feel like the players take it personal when they hear throughout the week that teams of past may not have played well outside of the dome, and that coming into –A: I don’t that anyone has said that as of late, because that wouldn’t be a local media story, ’cause we’ve played well on the road. It might be the perception of somebody that’s unattached to any, like, factual stuff. I think it’s just a little cliché. I think we’ve played well on the road."

This season’s road wins have been impressive, as well. Lambeau Field is not easy to win at, even in early November. The Bills were undefeated this season at NewEra until yesterday. And New Orleans handed Carolina their first of only two Home losses during week 3.

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Sunday’s win in Buffalo was also great for Drew Brees. He was previously 0-7 as a starter in outdoor games while the temperature was 40 degrees or colder. Kickoff temperature against the Bills was 39.

The blowout in Buffalo wasn’t a fluke. The Saints are starting a new trend for themselves, and it involves impressive wins away from the Superdome. Keeping this up will spell deep playoff runs for the Saints, if history repeats itself.